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Garden Tower 2: The Best Vertical Tower, Plus Review 2023

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The Best Garden Tower for 2023


If you’re looking for a great way to get into vertical gardening and you don’t have a lot of space, then you’ll want to check out the The Garden Tower 2.



This 50-plant, vermicomposting, vertical garden tower is the jumpstart you need for your urban gardening adventure. 


With the ability to grow nearly anything, you can think of. From vegetables, fruits, herbs, or bee-loving flowers organically. Learn more about creating a bee-friendly garden and 27 bee loving plants here.



 Plus, it easily turns food scraps into organic compost fertilizer. This keeps your veggies full and happy.


 And it keeps you from having to purchase additional fertilizer. Below, we will share our own thoughts and review owning this phenomenal garden tower.

What Is The Garden Tower Project?

The Garden Tower Project is a revolutionary approach to urban and small-space gardening, started by Colin Cudmore, Joel Grant, and Thomas Tlusty. After launching their first original Garden Tower container system on Kickstarter in 2012, this trio has been dedicated to connecting people around the world with sustainable, organic produce.



The project’s mission is to empower people with the knowledge and tools for self-sufficient, low-maintenance food production in urban and small spaces. 


The Garden Tower Project also promotes environmental stewardship through composting, vermiculture, and more. This innovative approach to gardening has enabled thousands of households around the world to grow their own organic produce and create a natural ecosystem!

Garden Tower Project

Why Grow Vertically?

Are you longing for fresh, homegrown vegetables but lacking outdoor gardening space? Then vertical gardens are the perfect solution! The Garden Tower 2 is a popular and innovative way to max out your growing potential with a minimal footprint.


Will Calcote from For the Cooperative Extension Service U of A System Division of Agriculture states these fun facts:

  • “Vertical gardening takes advantage of empty vertical space such as walls or fences

  • Green walls can be located indoors or outdoors and are easy to maintain

  • Urban environments are conducive to green walls

  • Vertical gardens require little bending over and may benefit senior citizen gardeners”


Even if it’s just an apartment balcony, this robust garden tower can fit into nearly any home – so why not make the most of what little room that you have available? With its help, enjoy an abundance of delicious produce. So go ahead–think vertically and get ready to reap some tasty rewards!

Garden Tower Project 2 Setup Video

What Can You Grow In The Garden Tower 2?

With this garden tower vertical gardening system, you can now you can grow 50 strawberries in just one garden! 

Ok, that might be a bit too much. But hey, if you love strawberries then go for it. We prefer to experiment and grow a wide variety of plants. 

The Garden Tower 2 is perfect for growing anything from lettuce to radishes, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, herbs, and much more.

You can harvest all sorts of vegetables, herbs, or flowers with this garden tower. There are almost no limits on what could possibly grow here thanks to its versatile design that makes use of Vertical gardens easy as pie.

Maybe you want to grow your very own herbal tea garden? No problem; get started now so when summer rolls around again next year…you’re ready.

Garden Tower Project

Garden Tower 2 vs Other Garden Towers

Garden Tower 2

Other Garden Towers

The Garden Tower 2 is 100% made in the USA, setting it apart from other planters. This ensures a commitment to quality and craftsmanship and also supports local American businesses.


The Garden Tower 2 is an innovative planter that stands out from other vertical gardening systems. Not only is it made of food-grade materials like HDPE (non-toxic, BPA & PVC free plastic) components and FDA-approved dye, but it also includes a UV-protection antioxidant package for health, durability, and recyclability. This makes it a safe and sustainable choice that is built to last through any kind of weather.


The Garden Tower 2 is a far superior planter to its competitors for many reasons. Firstly, the rotating tower design of the Garden Tower 2 allows for easy access to all parts of the garden, so you can tend to your plants without having to move them around.

Other Garden Towers

Competing garden towers are generally of lesser quality than Garden Tower 2, as they are often made with materials that are not designed for longevity or durability.


These competing towers also tend to have a smaller design, which results in less space for growing plants


Additionally, many do not have composting worm bins and cannot rotate 360 degrees

Reasons To Consider The Garden Tower 2


 You Have A Small Yard

 If you’re short on space, The Garden Tower 2 is the perfect solution. Its footprint fits into just four square feet – small enough for any yard or garden but large enough to provide excellent food production!

You Rent

 Do you live in an apartment or rent a home where the landlord will not allow you to build a permanent garden bed? Garden Tower 2 is the perfect solution. It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to set up and take with you when you move.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

The Garden Tower 2 vertical garden planter helps reduce food waste by providing a sustainable way to grow your own fruits and vegetables with vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is a method of composting that uses worms to break down organic matter. It is a simple and efficient way to recycle kitchen scraps and other organic waste. The worms consume the organic matter and convert it into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer.


Vermicomposting can be done indoors or outdoors, and it is an excellent way to reduce your environmental impact. There are several species of worms that can be used for vermicomposting, but the red wiggler worm is the most common. These hardy creatures thrive in compost bins, and they can eat their weight in food scraps every day.


 Vermicomposting is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and it also produces high-quality compost that can be used to improve your garden soil.

What Are The Benefits Of Composting With Worms?

A single pound of worms can consume up to half a pound of organic waste per day. Worm compost is rich in nutrients and helps improve soil structure. Also, worm composting is relatively odor-free and does not attract pests.


It also is easy to set up and requires little maintenance. For these reasons, worm composting is an excellent way to reduce waste and improve your garden.

Benefits of the Garden Tower Vertical Gardening System

Worm Tea

 Not sure what worm tea is? Worm tea is a natural way to keep your garden healthy and pest free. The Garden Tower 2 system creates nutrient-rich leachates that are perfect for soil, plus they contain many minerals as well! 


When watering the garden tower the excess water filters through your compost that collects in the removable compost tea drawer, turning into an effective spray or liquid fertilizer. Just keep reusing the worm tea on your tower for infinite fertilization.


360-Degree Rotation

 Another prominent feature of The Garden Tower 2 is that it rotates 360 degrees. This makes plant access a breeze. You also have the ability to rotate your shade-loving plants for optimized sun exposure.


3 in 1

 As we said earlier, not only does this garden tower accommodate 50 plants, but it also has a massive compost tube. So you get an advanced container garden system with a central perforated composting column, as well as a removable compost teas drawer and compost screen.


Why clutter your small yard with both a vertical garden and a compost bin when you can do it all in one?

Grow Indoor

 Do you not have any outdoor space at all? Take your garden tower indoors with the  Ultra-Efficient 80-watt LED Grow Light that is designed for horizontal and vertical orientation along the tower so you can bring your garden tower inside. Giving you the freedom to grow your herbs and vegetables all year round. 


The Ultra-Efficient 80-watt LED Grow Light is designed for horizontal and vertical orientation and can be used very close to plants. It is 44.9% more efficient than high-efficiency T5 florescent grow lights and has a passive thermal management system that dissipates heat away from plants reducing the need for fans. 



 The wide-dispersion design provides 90 degrees of useful light projection allowing for use very close to plants. The 3-light and stand kit also comes with a garden tower, making it the perfect solution for your indoor vertical gardening needs.


Customizable Garden Tower Height


The Garden Tower 2 is highly customizable, allowing you to choose a height that best suits your needs. The unit comes with 6 different stacking rings that can be used to create a tower of any height.

Garden Tower Setup

Start by leveling your area so the Garden Tower 2 can stand steady. Place Garden Tower 2 in your desired location and make sure it is secure and level. Place the base with a rotatable lower planting ring onto the tower, then put the drain disc and compost tube section into the base ring in the center. Align the compost tube with the drain holes using the vertical tab running down the inside wall of the tube. Securely attach additional planting rings, if desired, to create more levels of planters.


Then place a loose planting ring (they are all identical) on top of the base ring (attached to base). Align all posts at the bottom of the loose ring with their corresponding holes at the top of the attached base ring. Press down firmly until fully seated (a rubber mallet or wooden block can be used to gently tap the rings but we did not find that necessary. We added soil with every ring we added. 

Fill the bottom of your tower with potting soil we used Happy Frog , lightly tamping it down in each section. Fill each planter to its rim and press lightly to ensure even coverage.  Once completely filled, add 3-4 gallons of water. 

Once the garden tower is filled with moist soil are are ready to get planting!

Is the Garden Tower 2 Worth It?

The Garden Tower 2 is well worth the investment due to its numerous benefits and convenience. This vertical container gardening and composting system features 265% more perforations to provide greater access by plant roots, enhanced aeration, and enhanced nutrient distribution.


What other planter allows you to grow so many vegetables as well as have a worm composting bin all in one? With its food-grade UV protection, we fully believe this vertical container gardening system is unmatched in quality and functionality. 


Try it today and start growing your own food while composting in this ultra-efficient all-in-one system.

It’s time to revolutionize the way you garden! Try The Garden Tower 2 today and watch your garden thrive.



 The Garden Tower 2 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact and grow delicious fruits and vegetables in a vertical container garden.


It features a rotating design, dual purpose tower, worm tea system, and even an optional LED grow light so that you can grow indoors as well.


With minimal setup time and low maintenance requirements, the Garden Tower 2 is sure to become an invaluable tool for your gardening and vermicomposting needs.


So go ahead, invest in a Garden Tower 2 and start growing more food with less space and hassle!


And don’t forget to reap all the benefits of this sustainable method of composting – reducing waste while nourishing your garden! You’re sure to love it!

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

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