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Seedtime: The Only Garden Planner You Will Ever Need

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Seedtime Garden Planner

If you’re anything like us, you probably have grand plans every year to get your garden into shape – and then somehow time flies by and you’re left scrambling at the last minute.


Well, not anymore! Seedtime has created the perfect solution to help you stay on top of your gardening game all year round.

Seedtime is a ridiculously simple, yet powerful way to create and organize your own area gardening plan.


Add crops to your gardening calendar to see recommended times to seed, transplant, and when you can expect your first harvest.

Or, customize and adjust the various planting calendar and schedules to meet your specific needs.


Forget flying by the seat of your pants – with the Seedtime vegetable garden planner, gardening is as simple as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!


Seedtime makes it easier to keep track of your garden goals with a simple and intuitive task list. Automatically generate daily or weekly tasks, then check off the boxes as you make progress – Maximize success in the garden like never before!


Does this sound awesome or what?


Keep on reading to learn more about why we have started using this garden planner.


What is Seedtime?

Founder Paul Dysinger saw a need in the market and knew they could make farming and gardening easier for everyone.


The problem is that most vegetable garden planners on the market are lacking in one way or another.


Many of them don’t offer the customization options necessary for a personalized gardening experience, others are hard to use and their user interfaces are outdated, and some simply provide you with information without putting it into an easy-to-follow format that keeps track of your garden’s progress throughout the growing season.


With Seedtime, you can plan your garden or farm in minutes with only a few clicks, all tailored to your local environment. You won’t get this kind of efficiency anywhere else.


Right now, Seedtime is still in the BETA phase of development and has a FREE version. And of course there are options for paid version that gives you access to more vegetable varieties and calendars. But honestly, the free version is still better than most of what is out there. And they are still working to update and create more features. 


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Highlighted Features of Seedtime Garden Planner


Below we will break down in length how to use the Seedtime garden planner and why we love using it.


Your Own Personalized Planting Chart

If your plan is to have the most successful garden then Seedtime is designed with you in mind – the gardener. It takes into account your local climate and environment to provide tailored gardening advice.


When you create a free plan, Seedtime is a personalized planting chart showing a combination of data points like frost dates, and growing zone to automatically input when you should be growing each crop.


You can also manually adjust your garden plan to make sure it perfectly fits the microclimate you live in. 


All you have to do when signing up is enter your zip code and it will automatically generate a personalized planting chart based on your growing zone.


Below is a Seedtime user experience review. 

I am new to gardening. I had bought my seeds and was dreading reading all the packets to figure out how and when to plant each seed. I happened to come across Seedtime Instagram. I clicked on the link and decided it might be helpful. Oh, my goodness! It was a lifesaver! Seedtime does all the calculations for seeding, transplanting, harvesting. And I love watching all the helpful videos. Seedtime has made me more confident in starting a garden. I LOVE Seedtime! I used the awesome FREE version two days and knew I wanted to upgrade for the full experience. I am not sorry. Jut what I needed.

Click and Drop Customization

Seedtime is more than just a garden planner, it’s your very own garden personal assistant.

This garden planner adapts to you and your gardening style and lifestyle.



With the click-and-drop feature, you can easily just add plants and crops to your gardening schedule and Seedtime will automatically map out exactly when to seed, prepare the bed, transplant, and estimate harvest dates for each plant without you having to think about it.



It’s like having a mini-satellite orbiting your garden that can tell you exactly what needs to be done and when. 



Best of all, it’s completely customizable so you can plan your own garden however you want!



This is the perfect tool for busy people who don’t have time to keep track of every single step in their garden.

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So Many Vegetables and Herbs

Seedtime isn’t just about the click-and-drop convenience – it also has a massive database of over 2,670+ veggie and herb varieties to choose from. Whether you want to grow tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, or herbs like basil and mint, Seedtime can help you plan it all!


And if you’re a beginner gardener, Seedtime has your back with helpful tips and suggestions for each plant or crop.


You can also adjust the days-to-maturity for specific varieties as well as spacing between transplanting and seeding to make sure everything is just right.


Dream big – dream bigger than ever before! With Seedtime, your dream garden is just a few clicks away.

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Seedtime Vegetable Garden  Planting Calendar 

Customizable Garden Planner Schedules

Seedtime makes it easy for you to customize your gardening schedule. You can move crops around and plant them at the exact time and space that best fits your personal gardening goals.


And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not plan a garden around that vacation you were planning? With Seedtime’s drag-and-drop feature, you can easily move crops around to fit your schedule.


Seedtime will even remind you of when it’s time to plant and give you helpful gardening tips so that nothing stands in the way of creating your dream garden!


Garden Plan Task List 

Task Tracking

Seedtime makes it easy to stay on top of all the tasks in your garden with its task-tracking ability.


Just select any task, such as weeding or harvesting, and Seedtime will automatically create a checklist so you can keep track of what’s been done and what still needs to be done.


This helps ensure that nothing gets missed and every task is completed in a timely manner. Not only that, but you can also set reminders for when tasks need to be done so that your garden runs like clockwork! With Seedtime’s task-tracking feature, you’ll never miss a beat in the garden.


Gardening should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience – and with Seedtime, that’s exactly what it is. With its powerful features, Seedtime makes gardening easy and fun for even the busiest gardener. So get out there, dig in the dirt, and watch your garden grow!

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Square Foot Gardening  Radishes 

Winter Gardening Made Easy

Have you ever wanted to try growing in the winter but you can’t estimate what needs to be done and when?


With Seedtime’s proprietary winter gardening algorithm, you can now predict harvest delays over the winter based on your growing zone and how many covers you are using to protect your plants.


No more guesswork – with Seedtime, you’ll always know what to do and when! So don’t let shorter days and colder weather discourage you from gardening. With Seedtime, you can still make the most out of your winter garden!


Start planning and growing today with Seedtime – the ultimate gardening tool that makes it easier than ever to grow beautiful gardens all year round. Get ready to experience the joys of gardening in a new way!

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Gardening Community

The Seedtime gardening community is the perfect place to connect with other passionate gardeners who share your same love for growing food!


Through their online forum and discussion boards, you can ask questions, get advice from experienced growers, and even find a mentor who can guide you through the entire process.


You can also share tips, tricks, seeds, and stories about your garden with other members.


Show off your amazing harvest or get creative in the kitchen by sharing recipes made with home-grown ingredients!

With Seedtime, it’s easy to stay connected and inspired. So what are you waiting for? Join the community today and start growing.

This garden planner adapts to you.

Latest Seedtime Feature

We wish Seedtime was around when we first started gardening. It really is a one-stop shop for everything you need.


The latest feature they added is the Seedtime Store, a site where you can access everything from organic fertilizer, heirloom and non -GMO seeds  to natural pest control for your garden.


So now, you don’t have to search around for the items you need – Seedtime has got you covered!

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Use It Anywhere

Use Seedtime Anywhere garden planner!

Seedtime makes it easy to keep track of your garden wherever you go. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on a trip, your Seedtime account can be accessed from any device.


Stay up-to-date with all of your garden tasks and harvest times no matter where you are. With Seedtime, gardening is now even more convenient and enjoyable.


Want a physical copy? You can print your garden planner calendar from the app, or take a screenshot to keep on your phone.

Seedtime is the ultimate vegetable garden planner that makes it easier than ever to keep track of your garden and plan for success. 


With its intuitive checklist feature, winter gardening algorithm, gardening community, and Seedtime store, you have everything you need to start growing beautiful vegetables all year round.


We highly recommend pairing this garden planner with the square-foot gardening method. If you are not familiar with square-foot gardening then please feel free to check out our article Square Foot Gardening Planner -Everything You Need to Know.

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The Benefits of Using a Vegetable Garden Planner

Gardening is no longer a daunting task with Seedtime!


 With its innovative garden journal and planner, you can easily map out your planting and harvesting goals, track tasks to stay on top of the work in your garden, predict harvest delays during the winter months, and connect with other passionate growers in the community.


The benefits of using a garden planner like Seedtime are endless:


– Save time and money by knowing exactly when to plant, water, fertilize, and harvest your crops.

Less Stress

– Reduce stress with detailed task lists and email reminders so you don’t miss any important steps in the gardening process. Takes the guesswork out of gardening.

Increased Yields

– Maximize yields with accurate predictions of harvests during winter months.


– Stay connected and inspired by sharing tips, tricks, and stories with other gardeners in the community.


– Access everything you need for your garden from Seedtime’s Store.

Gardening has never been easier – thanks to Seedtime! So why wait?


Tips for Maximizing Your Vegetable Harvest with Seedtime Tasks

Using Seedtime’s task management system is an excellent way to maximize your vegetable harvest. 


By keeping track of all the tasks needed to grow a successful garden, you can save time and energy while getting better yields.


For example, during the heavy growth of tomatoes, it is important to stay up on pruning, staking, and fertilizing. If a task is missed it can limit the harvest.


Speaking of fertilizer, make sure to use organic fertilizer to boost the soil’s health and ensure maximum yields. As you prune and stake, keep an eye on any pests that may be attacking your plants.


With its easy-to-use dashboard, you can easily add daily or weekly tasks based on what vegetables you are growing, when to water them, how much fertilizer to use, and when to harvest. You’ll also get reminders so you never forget a task.


All of this can help increase your yields by ensuring the right steps are taken at the right time!


Seedtime’s prediction algorithm will help you anticipate harvest delays and make other adjustments accordingly. With its assistance, you can enjoy a successful vegetable garden every season.


Final Thoughts

What started off as a dream of designing the perfect garden has now become a reality through Seedtime.


It combines state-of-the-art gardening advice, customization, and schedules to make gardening a breeze – Truly, Seedtime is your personal gardening assistant!


Whether you want to plan small gardens or large-scale plots, their online garden planning tools can take the guesswork out of planning your personal oasis.


If you’re ready for an efficient and customized approach to planning and planting your garden—instead of spending months researching and guessing when it comes time to prepare for the next planting cycle—then there’s nothing that can help you like Seedtime.


Begin by signing up for their FREE suite of garden planning tools today and experience the liberation that comes with taking control over what goes into your garden – no matter how big or small!

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Bailey R.
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Best Garden Management Tool Money Can Buy I didn't get a garden in last season, but I did play around with the Seedtime features as if I had. I've never seen such a complete and easy-to-use garden planner! I use a lot of local heirloom seeds and I love how easy it is to configure the exact data for each of them. Now that I have all the basics set up, I know planning (and executing) next year's garden will be so much easier than in the past!
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I am a landscape contractor AND an avid gardener. I grow much of our own food in my front and back yard. This program is phenomenal. Albeit a work in progress, once fully completed, SeedTime will be the premier garden planner of all time. Seriously. The things they are implementing are truly impressive. The only downside is it can be a bit complicated for someone who isn’t patient. It takes time to set up a garden plan but once set up, it is great! Paul(the developer and founder) is VERY responsive and is always looking to improve the platform. Major kudos to his team because this kind of data is INTENSELY time consuming to enter and organize. Great job and I highly recommend it!
Mary G
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Seedtime has become the best gardening app out there. I work a full time job and grow a lot of my own food. Seedtime has helped me keep track of what needs to be done and achieve balance.
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Seedtime is easy to use, I love that I can quickly view my seaon's plan through different views - timeline, month etc. and have the ability to add or not view different tasks of a particulur crop. I am curious to see how acurate seedtime is with crop maturity as it does come up with some different harvest dates with seeding and harvest dates I have used in past years.
Mrs Erwin
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I have alittle experience with gardening. I just purchased a green house so I can extend my season and this program is wonderful I have learned so much already and can not wait to really get involved with the program..
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I am new to gardening. I had bought my seeds and was dreading reading all the packets to figure out how and when to plant each seed. I happened to come across Seedtime Instagram. I clicked on the link and decided it might be helpful. Oh, my goodness! It was a lifesaver! Seedtime does all the calculations for seeding, transplanting, harvesting. And I love watching all the helpful videos. Seedtime has made me more confident in starting a garden. I LOVE Seedtime! I used the awesome FREE version two days and knew I wanted to upgrade for the full experience. I am not sorry. Jut what I needed.


No, they do not have an app at this time. There is a rumor that an app is planned for future development.

Although it is not an app. Seedtime garden planner is the best software to use when planting a garden.

Seedtime makes keeping track of your garden plants easy. Use their detailed task lists and reminders to stay on top of tasks such as pruning, staking, and fertilizing. You can also use their prediction algorithm to anticipate harvest delays and make other adjustments accordingly. With its assistance, you’ll be able to maximize your yields while reducing stress.

Yes, Seedtime has an online store that provides everything you need for your garden. From seeds, fertilizers flowers, and articles, the Seedtime Store offers it all! Whether you’re just starting out or looking for something specific, their store has what you need for success!

Buy more, save more, start planting now!

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